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The SCA Statistical System is the most powerful software available today for applications in time series analysis and forecasting. It is widely used in commercial organizations and is well regarded as a comprehensive tool for academic research and advanced undergraduate courses, or applied graduate level courses, in time series analysis and forecasting. The SCA System was developed under the advisory direction of leading researchers and renowned educators in this discipline including George E.P. Box, George C. Tiao, Lon-Mu Liu, Mervin E. Muller, and others. Most courses in time series modeling teach students about the methods originated by these innovators in modern day time series methodologies. The SCA System is the first choice of these well-known educators when they teach time series. Why wouldn't you also consider using it in your course?

The book, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, by Lon-Mu Liu, with its emphasis on practicality, is a must have reference source for business and industrial statisticians as well as researchers in cross-disciplinary fields. You will also find this book is a valuable text for courses in time series analysis. Contact SCA for more information about a special program that offers the book with SCA student version software (bookstore discounts available).

While traditional Box-Jenkins methodology emphasizes the exploration and exploitation of serial correlation in time series, the progressive topics on modeling automation, outliers, heteroscedasticity, and nonlinearity are also of great importance. This book places emphasis on these newer issues as well as multivariate approaches in time series analysis and forecasting. The datasets and SCA System analysis macros used to illustrate the examples in the book may be downloaded with the purchase of this book. All data is currently in SCA data macro format which is directly readable by the SCA Statistical System.

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